Keeping our Members Safe at Competitions

The safety of all our members is paramount and in-line with recent SLSGB recommendations, the following guidelines have been issued.  We would ask that all parents take the time to read them and to ensure that they are followed:

1. Be aware of helping all of our members, all of the time, for example:

a. Is a child hungry?

b. Is their parent busy coaching, officiating?

c. Do they know where their parent is?

d. Do they know where their belongings are?

2. Children under 10 years should not go to the toilet alone. They must be accompanied by their parent or an adult club member.

3. Children should not change pool-side, in the viewing gallery or openly on the beach. Please use changing rooms if available.  Children should only visit the changing rooms in pairs.

4. No photographs of any children in swimming gear, without a t-shirt. Photographs of other people’s children should not be posted on social media without consent.  PSLSC have a website where official photographs can be viewed in the ‘Gallery’.

5. Should you have any concerns about a child, their behaviour, or another person’s behaviour towards a child please contact one of the following people:

a. Tracy Mahady, Safeguarding Officer, on 07805 506153 (

b. Ben Harbour, Club Chairman, on 07967 459272 (

c. Any club coach.