Dear Team,
I have just had the eagerly awaited final results sent through from Penzance. The delay was caused by a problem with the time keeping. All the entries have had to be manually entered into a spreadsheet –  quite a challenge!
You can take a look at the results by clicking here – Nipper Stillwater Results
A huge thank you and congratulations to all those who took part at the Cornish Championships in Penzance  in February. The team came 3rd overall,  with the boys 2nd and the girls 3rd.  This really is a fantastic result, showing that all our team contributed, and demonstrated their huge potential.
Although our numbers were small compared to other clubs,  it was great to see so many of our new members attend the event. All rose to the occasion with such enthusiasm and support for their team mates.
There are so many highlights, too numerous to mention them all but I do want to highlight the following: In the Manikin Relay, which is the hardest team event, both the boys and girls 11 to 13 year teams medalled with a gold.
The techniques used and the level of standard of our Nippers were commented on by many of the other team coaches at the event. This is great feedback for our coaches who put in so much effort and time into our training sessions, so our Nippers are best prepared for these events – well done coaches!
Thanks to all the parents for supporting the event, especially Sam, Kato and Richard who helped marshall throughout.  Although absent, a special mention to Rhona Doyle who not only puts in a huge effort into coaching the Nippers but also inspires and encourages so many of the other coaches.
Thank you again and i look forward to seeing you at the pool.
Best Wishes
Nick Evans